Tuesday, 4 May 2010

May Bank Holiday weekend 2010

Probably should be renamed the weekend where I didn't manage to get anything done.  After a warm and sunny day last Thursday after I had ridden my horse and walked the dogs, I decided to get serious in the garden.  One of the beds in our front garden had become so overgrown with Ivy that it needed to be pulled up before the plants underneath it suffocated.  So I spent around 2 hours happily digging, weeding and hacking away.  The consequence of this was a pulled muscle in my left shoulder, which started to hurt Fri/Sat but then became a full-on muscle spasm on Sunday (ouch). 

Therefore all the work we had planned to do ended up being done by my lovely husband on his own, albeit assisted by our two sons (aged 13 and 9) - in addition to having to do my usual chores of mucking our and feeding horses etc.

Anyway, major progress has been made!  The ground posts and frame of the polytunnel are now up and in place, now we need to re-work all the old existing raised beds and finally cover it!

Looks like a bit of a mess at the moment - but at least the skeleton is now in place.

Other stuff we managed to do this week was close up the railway carriage with some tarps as our swallows have returned and we don't want them to nest in there and start laying as we would disturb them with the building work later - it's just a precaution as they haven't nested in there for a few years (the stables is far nicer and cosier and they get to dive bomb me everytime I go in the yard!).

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