Sunday, 16 May 2010

Slow Progress

The polytunnel epic continues! We are erecting the polytunnel over some existing raised beds.  This means that whenever we need to put up the next bit of the frame, we are digging up old strawberries, moving wooden boarding and heaps of soil. 

I'm not being very much use at all, still got a sore shoulder.  But at least I can hand my (lovely) husband bolts etc - so it does feel as if I'm helping a bit.

We had a sad day yesterday, as we lost one of our old chickens - Brownie (she was about 5 years old). She hadn't been very happy for a few days and I had to separate her from the rest of the girls as she was being picked on.  She seemed to perk up a bit on her own but then went down hill quite quickly.  We've buried her up in the woods behind our cottage.   It's very sad when you lose an animal that you've cared for and has provided you with lovely eggs during her life. 

Weather has been so mixed this week, with us having heaps of snow on Tuesday and temps of 3oC, with hard overnight frosts.  So hoping it's finally going to get a bit warmer and more like May.  Still on the bright side, we are so far behind with our planting this year that it doesn't matter having such a late spring. 

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