Wednesday, 22 September 2010

More photos

Just been out to move electric fence for the horses. With this cold weather I'm now giving them more grass every day. So far the paddocks are standing up well to the rain we've had, but it could all turn to mud quite quickly.

Zac and Brea waiting for me.

This is the railway carriage we've got grand plans for. It's an old stock car and was previously used as a field shelter. The idea is to restore it and then use it as a summer house.

P (my husband) has helped one of his friends dismantle a deck, in return for getting to recycle the decking. We'll have a deck around the front of the carriage, hopefully to sit and drink gin and tonics on! (Not on a day like today though)

View of field from railway carriage.

Meanwhile Coco checks out the ground works for the new tractor shed. It's slow progress due to the horrible weather but at least it's progress!

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Saturday, 11 September 2010

some photos from a peaceful week

I've been having a quiet, reflective time this week.  Started off last Sunday by a visit to Findhorn, one of my favourite places.  Situated in a beautiful spot on the Moray coast, there is a calm energy to the village and, of course, it's the location of the world famous Findhorn Foundation.

Darling daughter and 3 dogs on Findhorn Beach  

Next week, my husband (P) is going to be digging and building, as we are cracking on with building a new shed for hay, tractor bits, log storage etc.  As usual,our romantic plans about getting on with the railway carriage have been put down the priority list, as we have to get on with the practical stuff first!  Never mind, it's all good and moving forwards which is the main thing.

On Thursday this week, P and I took the opportunity of a free afternoon to go for a walk around the Back o'Bennachie.  It is a very beautiful spot, perfect for a quick walk - the photos speak for themselves I think.

Sculpture in the burn

"the tumbling of the waters is the teeming of life" 

I love spaces like this, the smells, sounds and atmosphere are so wonderful - I really feel as if I'm reconnecting and recharging, it's good for the soul.