Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Leftover lunch for a useless Tuesday

Today hasn't exactly gone as planned, went outside (as usual) this morning to give my hens some feed, broccoli stalks and weeds (they are confined to their run at the moment due to next door's cat and both legbars laying somewhere in the garden - yummy for Rosie and Dash our labradors, not for us), afterwards I had planned to meet my husband in town to choose a new carpet for our bedroom (probably more on that later!), of course he was busy so I couldn't get hold of him.
I decided that I may as well go and do some food shopping instead, and started getting ready to leave the house - no purse!  Pants, where was my purse? (and panic too!), picked up phone to call hubby (again) and there is a message from my hairdressers in Aberdeen (30 miles away) was there something wrong as I had an appointment at 11.15 (it's now 11.30!) - double pants, phone them back and apologise for completely forgetting about it, next appointment is in three weeks time - by which time I'll look like my Welsh Sec A pony!!!  Anyway, call to hubby is made, he found my purse in his car - so now I'm stuck, I tell him I may as well just go and lie in a darkened room......

However, I log onto to twitter instead and catch up with what's happening and see a post from a fellow blogger who I follow.... and it's all about food, lovely food and tea-flavoured cocktails and biscuits (I highly recommend following The English can cook) now I'm hungry and find some leftover filo pastry from last week's spinach pie and leftover tomato and mozarella salad from Sunday's dinner - excellent, the day has been redeemed!

Leftover Tuesday pie

some sheets of filo pastry
melted butter
leftover tomato salad (tomatoes, basil, mozeralla and good balsamic vinegar)
black pepper

Brush the sheets of filo with the melted butter and use to line a individual sized pie dish (I used about 4 sheets). Put in the salad and season with black pepper. Brush any left over filo with butter and then scrunch up to make the top of the pie (you just wodge it all in, it will look better once it's baked). Pop into a preheated oven (my aga is always on so I just put it on the bottom of the top oven - probably around 180oC?) - cook for 15/20 minutes until brown.

Eat straight from the pie dish - minimal washing up!

Eat and enjoy and feel as if the rest of the day can continue!

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