Sunday, 4 March 2012

Come on Spring - more springing please!

Goodbye February, you've been a short but sweet month, complete with Scottish Higher prelim exams (daughter), a ski trip to Meribel in the Three Valleys (en familie), France and then rounded off with tonsilitis (youngest son) and a broken hand (oldest son)!

Me and the kids skiing - blurry photo!

View down the Doron piste from the chalet we stayed in - iPhone photo

In Aberdeenshire we had the warmest recorded temperatures for February since 1998.  Zac and Brea went from winter rugs to no rugs (naked horses, the nicest thing is to see them rolling, it makes me so happy!) and now we are back into winter rugs as the temperature has dropped this weekend.

I've only got a few photos for this month, I had taken our small point and shoot (ie idiot proof) camera to France for skiing, so I could stick it in my ski jacket and not worry about lens caps etc.  Unfortunately, the camera was not idiot proof enough for me as I managed to get a sticky finger print on the lens, which I didn't realise until I got home and loaded the pics on the pc - lots of nice 'soft, smudgy' focus pics!  Never mind, you live and learn.  The photo below was the day we arrived back in Aberdeenshire from France, we brought some snow home with us you see - Dash and Coco enjoyed being back home after their stay at the local Pet Hotel.

We have crocuses out in the garden at the moment, no daffodils or narcissi yet but spring is definitely arriving according to the amounts of garden birds singing, courting and fighting.
home sweet home
I love this time of year, so much promise for long days in the garden and stables ahead.

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