Sunday, 15 January 2012

January ramblings

Happy New Year to one and all!  I know it's a bit late but at least the thought is there :-)

What a gorgeous start to the year, (sadly not for skiing this year as there really has been no snow in Scotland) but we've had clear blue skies, frosty mornings and cold sunshiney days.  Zac and Brea are in their stables at night but out grazing and eating ad-lib hay during the day, Poppy our Welsh Sec A is on "holiday" at my friends' farm, they sadly lost one of their horses before Xmas and needed a companion for their other horse.  Poppy has stayed up there before so she is happily moved in, she'll stay up at their farm until they manage to buy or rehome another horse.

We have been out for some lovely walks, I'll post some photos below.  I've been inspired to try and take more photos with the camera I got for Christmas (2010!!!) - so have been amusing myself trying to capture some of the beautiful sunsets, long shadows and frosty mornings.

twisty tree

Craigievar Castle in all it's pink splendour!

Leochel Burn

Craigievar - our 'local' castle    

This next lot of photos was taken at home one evening this week, I don't think they are quite right (over-exposed?) and I have no idea about how to chose the right settings, and mostly snap away in "auto", but I'm sure with trial and error I'll get better.  It's probably a good think that it's a digital camera and I'm not having to spend money on wasted prints!  On the positive side, there is lots of room for improvement too. 

Pink sky over the paddock

Brea - "does my rug match this?"
 Here's to a good 2012 for us all, looking forwards to more blogging about cakes, horses, gardening, knitting and life in general!


  1. I think your photos are great, taken from such clever angles and lovely colours. What a fab part of the world you live in.


    1. Thanks Gill - I love the photos on your blog of the vapour trails too, amazing colours. Yes we do live in a lovely area, bit cold and too far north sometimes but very beautiful. Ali

  2. Happy New Year Ali!

    Lovely first shot - these last few mornings have been cracking haven't they?

    Kind regards

    1. Thanks Ian - I know the weather has been amazing hasn't it? We walked around Dinnet/BurnOVat yesterday too (I forgot my camera!). Long may it continue, much preferable to rain and cloud.

  3. Thanks for your kind comments - I have to admit to being slightly scared of taking photos as they usually don't turn out but I got some great advice at the weekend (to take photos of what I like!) so am going to keep going!

  4. Nice shots! Gorgeous pink skies.
    I've been doing some posts about the different settings on a camera over on my blog. Perhaps you'll find them interesting? They are called Photography Course: In the land of the blind...
    I have a list with previous posts at the bottom of my page where you can find them.