Thursday, 2 December 2010

Christmas Cake and SNOW!

Wow - what a completely mad end to November, beginning to December!  We have now spent a week with sub-zero temperatures and heaps (about 16 inches!) of snow.

A couple of weeks ago I started to make my Christmas cake.  I use a recipe from a Good Housekeeping AGA winter cook book, you cook the cake overnight in the bottom oven of the Aga.  Although this year I made a few (!) mistakes with the recipe!
 I got a bit over enthusiastic with the chopping and soaking of the dried fruit and put the cherries, peel and brazil nuts in with the rest of the fruit to macerate overnight in port and Cointreau - I'm really hoping it won't affect the taste of the finished cake.

It looked (and smelled) ok once it had finished baking, and I'm now 'feeding' it with brandy once a week up until the week before Christmas when me and the kids will ice and decorate it.

Meanwhile - outside we are living in a winter wonderland!  Snow hit the North East of Scotland last Thursday, 25th November and hasn't really stopped since.   Schools are all shut so we have all been stuck at home, thankfully my husband can work from home so he's been able to help with getting water out to the animals, clearing paths and bringing in logs etc!!

They say a picture conveys a thousand words - so I'll post the next few photos and let them speak for themselves.

View across the glen

Keeping the horses water filled up

Zac, Brea and Poppy

Robin in the stables

Garden - what garden?

Hard to believe that we'll ever see anything green in the garden again when everything is so white outside. Still counting our blessings that we have all our hay in for winter feeding, and our logs are all chopped and stacked to keep us nice and cosy inside.  I am really wishing I had heated waterers like the ones we had for the horses when we lived in Canada, but apart from that it is so beautiful outside and getting us all in the mood for a lovely Christmas holidays - time to get the skis out I think.

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