Monday, 16 August 2010

beetroots (and hornets)

Been really busy these last few weeks, spent a fortnight at home catching up with friends, then had 10 days in Norfolk/London visiting family which was lovely.  I've got a few photos to upload but have taken the huge (for me) step of getting an iPhone so I'm hoping that my blogging will be easier, and perhaps a bit more frequent.

We've had our first harvest of beetroot from the polytunnel - did my favourite roasted beetroot with balsamic vinegar, garlic and fresh herbs.

Absolutely delicious, really sweet and tender.  Roast the scrubbed (not peeled) beetroot in a foil parcel with some garlic, olive oil, a couple of good splashes of balsamic vinegar, scatter some herbs on top (I used thyme and marjoram), add salt and pepper and roast for 35/40 minutes in a moderate oven.  If the beetroots aren't so fresh I sometimes sprinkle some sugar on too.  This is nice served with quiche or maybe some a salad with some baked goats cheese.

The polytunnel is blooming, in fact quite a lot of things are bolting, so we need to work out what to do about that.  One thing that hasn't worked very well is that a lot of our broad beans are empty, which could be to lack of pollination? 

Therefore, we decided to leave the doors open on the polytunnel since we got back from London last Monday.  Unfortunately, we have ended up with some rather unpleasant insect visitors - I have no idea they are, hornets perhaps, but there was one buzzing about (quite scary!) and my husband found this one (see below) floating in his watering can! 

scary beastie! 

Finally a photo of the polytunnel with everything growing like mad!  Kids are back to school this week (yipee!) and I'm hoping that Brea (my quarter horse) will have recovered from her recent hoof abscess for me to get back in the saddle.  It's been a brilliant summer but I have to say it will be very nice to try and get back into a routine again, well sort of.

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