Friday, 18 June 2010

Photo catch up

Since the weather has been pretty cold and yucky I had decided to wait until the next sunny day to take some photos of our progress.  Here goes;

The chickens new spot -  Peach exiting the hen house, she's not quite at point of lay yet so I reckon she's just being nosy.

 Inside the polytunnel - so far we've planted broad beans, peas, salad leaves (mizuna, rocket,
mustard etc), sweetcorn, cucumbers,tomatoes are ready to be put into our big homemade grow bag, we've also got some strawberries in big pots too.

Hopefully this weekend we'll manage to go and collect some garden bark for the path between the beds.
I've managed to get a Brown Turkey fig as a Father's Day present for my husband from the kids.
(it's not in the photo, as I've hidden it until Sunday).

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